Kyoto Kurama assemblé - Madake Dobari Shinai

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A broad jissengata shinai that comes with three options for grip thickness. Compared to the Hayabusa this is solid jissengata that can be used to good effect when performing techniques like osae and harai waza. It is made from Japanese Madake bamboo, the finest material for shinai, it gives excellent feedback from strikes and is extremely durable due to its grain density.

The jissengata shape and madake combine together to give you a really responsive shinai that feels amazing to hold and strike with. Furthermore it is available in three different sizes - regular 26mm diameter tsuka, a thicker 28mm tsuka and finally a very broad 30mm tsuka. These differing grips change the nature of the balance, the tip getting lighter and more responsive the thicker you go. If you want to control the center line then delivery fast responsive techniques then the 26mm grip is a great choice, but if you want to emphasise your debana waza and maximize maneuverability from one technique to the next then try the 30mm grip.

The weights of the three versions do not vary wildly, each weighing approximately 480g without fittings. Fittings are available as an option; otherwise this shinai comes with bamboo only.