Aoi Kendo Hakama

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Code de produit :  183-KHAO

The beloved Aoi Kendo Hakama have returned! Made to be the pinnacle of machine-stitched Hakama, through use of the finest Aizome dye from the Bushu region of Saitama Prefecture and the expert tailoring of our workshop in Iwate Prefecture.
Bushu Aizome Dye is renowned throughout Japan as the finest quality dye for making Kendo uniforms. It not only imbues the fabric with an unmistakeable deep indigo colour, but it also softens the fabric. Silky to the touch as well as breathable thanks to it being 100% cotton, these are the most comfortable Hakama we produce. Aizome dye is also famous for being a durable and long lasting fabric thanks to its anti-bacterial properties helping it survive regular and vigorous keiko.
You will find these hakama have been tailored with exacting detail towards the practice of Kendo. Double stitched hems and obi make sure that your chakuso does not deteriorate during keiko as well as keeping the pleats neat crisp. The satisfying weight of the 10000 thread count helps define your movements - you will find the hakama very easy to make crisp movements in, perfect for Kendo.

Made entirely in Japan using traditional materials, the Aoi Hakama are the ultimate machine-stitched hakama and are only available here at Tozando.
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Genuine Bushi Aizome Dye from Saitama Prefecture
  • Made in Japan by our Tailors in Iwate Prefecture
  • Hand-stitched Koshi-ta for durability and a neat appearance
  • Double-sewn hems and Obi for neat chakuso
  • Pre-shrunk and washed for increased softeness
  • You can expect shrinkage of 1cm to 2cm after the first wash